All areas of ENGIE’s activity combine the concept of modern energy. So what? Effective, optimized, using the latest technologies and meeting the needs of the modern world. Our experts combine knowledge of areas of renewable energy technology, business processes, digital tools and building management. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, many years of experience and a broad perspective, we prepare professional, individualized recommendations that save our clients’ money.

Our clients – regardless of whether we cooperate with a company or a local government unit – receive ENGIE’s full support at every stage of the project implementation. We operate in the one-stop-shop formula, we respond to the full spectrum of our partners’ needs.

How do we work? We conduct a professional audit of the client’s needs, during which we define support areas and possible problems. We offer both ready-made and tailor-made solutions on a scale corresponding to the client’s budget needs and assumptions. Our solutions, in addition to generating savings, improve work comfort and increase its efficiency.

Main priorities and areas of ENGIE’s activities:
• increasing the energy efficiency of buildings
• implementation of intelligent energy management systems based on digital technologies
• comprehensive service of facilities in terms of optimizing energy consumption
• implementing solutions in the area of ​​electromobility
• promotion of pro-ecological and high-performance solutions for cities – smart grids
• production of energy from renewable sources

Improving energy efficiency is more than just ad hoc optimization of costs. Reducing energy consumption means less burden on the natural environment, which has a key impact on the image of the company or institution. Customers appreciate companies that give a good example.

ENGIE provides business with good access to clean energy at a favorable price – we are a leader in the production of Green Energy from renewable sources in Poland.