ENGIE solutions are developed by the team of experts in renewable energy technology, business process and facility management. This experience allows us to offer your company solutions that not only reduce operating costs but also have positive impact at the environment. We support ideas and activities of our Clients, and help them increase business profits! Working with us is added value for any company, regardless of industry.

ENGIE focuses on all kinds of activities aimed at increasing energy efficiency of polish companies and local governments.  We offer complete solutions as well as individual measures in order to reduce the negative impact of various branches of the economy on the environment and increasing energy efficiency. We do not only implement ready solutions – we can also design and implement actions what increase efficiency of technical systems.

Energy efficiency and smart networks

What exactly is the famous energy efficiency? The book definition of this concept says that it is a series of activities which aim to reduce energy demand, which is necessary to perform a certain amount of services or production of goods. One of the elements which enable increasing energy efficiency in facility management is smart networks. Proper facility management in these types of networks allows you to merge all activities enhancing productivity of the company, reducing its negative impact on the environment.

 Facility management, design and execution

The modern workplace is the space, in which dynamic changes occur. Facility management managed by integrated network, tailored to actual needs of the specific site, gives you the opportunity to increase efficiency, not only in energy, but also the effectiveness of people working on the site. The use of smart networks allows you to optimize the processes which occur in your company.