ENGIE signs contract in PPP in Zgierz


On 30 January 2017 ENGIE Services signed a contract for thermal upgrading of educational facilities under a public-private partnership with the Town Hall of Zgierz.

The value of the contract is the highest among all contracts for thermal upgrading works concluded under public-private partnerships to date.

The project involves energy-related modernisation and restoration of 23 educational facilities in Zgierz, including nurseries, kindergartens and schools.

Conclusion of the contract ended the 15-month competitive dialogue proceedings. Under the contract, ENGIE Services will perform the energy-related modernisation of educational buildings within 17 months, which will provide the town with nearly 45% savings in energy consumption.

The term of the contract during which the savings are guaranteed is 15 years.

The town’s partner will be ENGIE Services, belonging to the international corporation of ENGIE. Thanks to extensive international experience, ENGIE Services will perform the works in Zgierz by means of state-of-the-art technologies available on global markets.

This will be yet another Polish project implemented by ENGIE under the PPP formula. Last September the Company entered into a contract for thermal upgrading and management of heat sources in public utility facilities in the Commune of Opalenica.